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Choose your team
Choose your team
Application & Sponsorship Form Golf Tournament Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Please return this form to: N2Giving 4010 Watson Plaza Drive Suite 225 Lakewood, CA 90712 Email: n2giving2@gmail.com

ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT  September 14, 2022

We pride ourselves to ensure a fun-filled day including great golfers, several local restaurants donating their time, food and libations on almost each hole throughout the course, and volunteers who work their heart out servicing everyone!

The proceeds from this annual event fund charitable projects for local area non for profits who serve the Veteran community.

To nominate a local charity that focuses on Veterans, send an email to:



(a California registered charity based in Long Beach, Ca)

Our mission is to promote and fund charitable projects which support and assist the needs of service men and women, such as Meals on Wheels of Long Beach, American Merchant Marine Veteran Memorial Committee, Rock For Vets and other various and local charitable organizations.  We hold an annual fundraiser to support many worthwhile local Veteran focused charities.




Board Of Directors

President: Jon Munoz

Vice President: Ryan Kowal

Treasurer: Ian Mccucheon

Secretary: Carina Hernandez

Members Include:

Carolyn Woodruff

John Pitts

Stacy Warino

Heidi Hauk

Sunny Munoz

Garret Harper

Dan Leffler

Gavin Harper

Chris Wilkinson

Kadee Lorenzen

Katherine & Frank McIlquham

Tom Fyer

Donna Meisch

Martha Usteck

Hope Horlick

Each director holds office for a period of two (2) years and serves without compensation.

Where and when are the meetings held?

The meetings are usually held on a monthly basis.  Although the locations will vary, the goal will be to service restaurants and establishments that have invested in and are supportive of N2Giving projects. (In most cases, each person will be responsible for their meal and drink. However, during special occasions, a set meal fee may be designated.)

What are the dues for?

The dues money helps pay for the administration of N2Giving such as: website design and maintenance; financial advisor; bank fees; insurance; upfront costs (deposits) for events such as the annual golf tournament; etc.

How does one become a member?

Anyone can become a member; there are no requirements other than being interested in providing service and resources to our various projects.

However, to become a voting member, one must pay the annual dues which are $100 per year.  (Only dues paying members can elect officers; vote on the distribution of proceeds, etc.)  Members are also encouraged to volunteer to serve on committees and to assist during the annual golf tournament and other events.


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